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Through experience, Beacon has learned that programming and data tabulation go hand in hand and therefore we carry out both aspects of surveying in-house. Having both capabilities here at Beacon allows us to be more hands-on and to manage the project and its data more efficiently and effectively - and translates into direct advantages to our clients.

Customization options almost endless, providing flexibility for clients

The survey tool we use is very robust in its own right; however it is also JavaScript and Perl driven allowing nearly endless customization options outside the current product functionality.

Complex analysis capabilities

Through in-house programming and data tabulation, we can provide our clients with complex data analyses, including a variety of conjoint analysis techniques.

Multi-language surveys available

Clients with international representation or distribution benefit from Beacon's survey tools and from our valued links with trusted partners.

Security for valuable data and research

Surveys are programmed and loaded on to our offsite server in a short amount of time. Our server has a fail-safe, redundant backup system, to ensure valuable data will never be lost and surveys will never be interrupted.

Online web portal for real-time viewing during fieldwork stage

As soon as fieldwork is underway, clients are provided with an online web portal login for viewing "real-time" fieldwork progress. This web portal provides "on the fly" marginal reporting and fieldwork count capabilities.

Fast turn-around times for data tabulation, enabling special analysis and banner possibilities

The data tabulation process begins as soon as the fieldwork is completed and the data is ready for analysis. Data tabulations are handled in-house providing fast turn-around and the ability to run special analysis and banners upon request, with minimal costs to our clients.

Hands-on management by Beacon's experienced research team

In-house programming and data tabulation enables us to monitor each project throughout the entire process, from initial contact right through to the presentation of the survey findings. And because we have hands-on management and continuous involvement, we are able to help clients who have put the survey insights into effect and then want follow-up research to assess the success of their actions.

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