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In-person focus groups

When you want to hear the voice of your customer in-person.

Focus groups are an excellent technique for answering "why" questions – delving more deeply into buyer motivations and decision-making. These focus groups can be conducted in-person or on-line using webstreaming or webcams, especially when there are geographical or time constraints.

Although our office is based in Shirley, Massachusetts, our professionally trained focus group moderators have also conducted hundreds of qualitative research sessions with thousands of IT professionals, engineers and corporate executives around the world.

Our moderators employ focus groups for
  • brand and product concept evaluation - [Watch Video]
  • message testing - [Watch Video]
  • pricing
  • customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • and many other topics.

In-person focus groups are ideal for finding out about buyer or user motivations and decision-making when you can convene a group in one location. The focus groups run by Beacon's researchers are typically made up of 8 to 10 individuals recruited specifically for the task at hand.

Smaller groups, or "mini-groups", are used for more precise targeting and discussions and allow more time for individual respondents. We also carry out in-depth interviews, usually on a one-to-one basis.

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