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Beacon's team of in-house researchers and research analysts, along with the company's trusted strategic partners, have a proven record of expertise. Their research-driven insights will help you make sound business decisions and navigate the future of your company to new levels of success.

Jim McLeod-Warrick, is a founding partner of Beacon Technology Partners, LLC. Throughout his 30+ years of experience, he has developed considerable expertise in application of various quantitative and qualitative market research techniques to help leading B2B and technology companies better understand the needs of their customers and prospects.

Julie Woznac, Director of Research, has been a member of the Beacon Technology Partners team since 2005. She has worked in market research for over 12 years and brings a broad range of professional experience. Her responsibilities include customer relations, questionnaire design, fieldwork management and analysis/reporting. In addition, Julie is responsible for product timelines, budgeting and vendor management.

Sarah McLeod Warrick, Project Manager and Social Media Specialist, has been a member of the Beacon Technology Partners team since 2004, and became a Project Manager in September, 2012. At Beacon, Sarah is developing her quantitative and qualitative research skills as well as more advanced statistical modeling and analysis.

Bridget Bly, Consulting Statistician, has worked with Beacon Technology Partners for seven years. She received a Ph.D. from Stanford University in research psychology with an emphasis on experimental design and statistical analysis. She has worked for the past 12 years in market research and has extensive experience designing, analyzing, and reporting a wide range of empirical studies.

Judy Westgate, Accountant, has been a member of the Beacon Technology Partners team since 1996.

Dennis Walsh, Patriot Networks, Dennis is Beacon’s expert for ongoing growing data and networking infrastructure.

Josh Carmichael, Graphic Designer, has worked with Beacon Technology Partners since 2012. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Edinboro University in 2006 and is well versed in print media, marketing, and corporate identity.

Mike Stapp, Mike has worked with Beacon Technology Partners for nearly 6 years. He is a software developer with more than 20 years' experience, focusing on Web application development. He has worked in a variety of technical settings over the years, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and enterprise applications to consumer software.

Teena Tabor, Ms. Tabor holds a B.S. degree with majors in Mathematics & Sociology from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Professionally, she has 24 years experience in the marketing research industry, with the last 18 years in data manipulation and tabulation utilizing Wincross, SPSS, BrandMap, Excel & Qgen software.

Tricia Quinn,. Tricia has more than 17 years of professional experience in all phases of market research. She spent two years managing her own market research company, developing and conducting quantitative, as well as qualitative studies in the healthcare industry. Clients included several hospital systems and long-term care facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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