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Beacon Technology Partners LLC was founded in 1996. Based in Shirley, Massachusetts, Beacon's focus continues to be on helping leading technology companies better understand the needs of their customers and prospects. Over the years, the company's client base has also expanded to include both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies in other sectors.

We offer both quantitative and qualitative research methods, depending on what our clients need to know for their strategic decision-making. In addition to industry-specific research, clients often ask for research on, for example, brand positioning, communications architecture, customer satisfaction, pricing strategy, market segmentation, marketing effectiveness and employee engagement.

Our research tools include the various types of in-person, webstreaming online survey methods and focus groups. You will find in the How We Help section of our website that we often use a combination of research methods and tools.

Highly acclaimed in the industry

Beacon Technology Partners is an active participant in the Marketing Research Association (MRA) and the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA). We have collaborated with GMG Insights in co-writing reports on topics such as IT Information Security spending during an economic downturn and SOA/Web services security solutions.

Research carried out by Beacon Technology Partners has been printed in EETimes, Embedded Systems Design, EDN, Electronic Buyer's News, Electronic Supply and Manufacturing, On Wall Street, Federal Computer Week, and other industry publications. As a highly acclaimed market research firm serving the electronics and computer industries and other B2B sectors, the Beacon team of in-house and partner researchers and research analysts has a proven record of expertise to guide you and your company to new levels of excellence.

In addition to our team, we have established long-standing relationships with a variety of trusted partners to help our USA-based and international clients with specific requirements.