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To help clients with specific requirements and to support the work of the company's own team, Beacon Technology Partners has established long-standing relationships with a variety of strategic partners, including:

GMG Insights offers analysis, research and strategy services for companies with complex B2B sales. The company helps Beacon to identify target markets, segment and prioritize prospect opportunities, and focus on the values, biases and perceptions that drive purchase intent. Its marketing strategies are designed to attack competitive weaknesses, leverage competitive strengths, and most importantly, get results.

ReRez represents several of the largest online panel vendors; a combined panel of more than 22+ million individuals in over 53 countries, profiled by over 500 segmentation variables, which gives Beacon access to sample for B2B, Consumer, Healthcare (Physicians and Consumers), IT, International, and Hispanic studies. www.rerez.com

Triangle Publishing's writers, editors, art directors, programmers, web designers and other publishing professionals have been providing content for leading publishers and vendors since 1974.

ABLE Innovations provides bundled translation solutions and services that helps Beacon effectively reach global and ethnic markets. ABLE's translation services allow us to optimize efficiency, rapidly deploy global surveys, and reduce project costs. www.ableinnovations.com

Administrative Plus Support Services offers transcription services for focus groups, individual interviews, and roundtables, and in the process have become Beacon's premier providers of transcripts. Contact Debbie Wear at admplus@aol.com or call 972-853-2403 for details.

FocusVision is the leading global provider of live video transmission, analysis and archive solutions for the qualitative market research industry.

Itracks is an expert in online qualitative research applications, including asynchronous focus groups (or "bulletin boards"), which Beacon utilizes for projects which require responses from geographically dispersed or hard-to-reach professionals www.itracks.com

With over 20 years of experience in market research and offices in Hamburg, Germany and London, UK, MM-EYE provides expert qualitative research services for European brand, communications and new product development projects. www.MM-Eye.com

D'Well Research offers qualitative (and quantitative) research services in Asia and the Middle East. With 12 years experience in marketing research, D'Well provides Beacon's clients with extensive reach into fast-growing Asian technology markets. www.dowellindia.com

To find out how Beacon and its partners can help you, Call us at 978-425-6222 or visit our Contact us page.