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Market segmentation is the act of dividing a market into distinct homogeneous sub-groups that can be attracted to different products or services. By dividing the market into homogenous subgroups or targets, strategy formulation and tactical decision making can become more effective.

Market segmentation highlights individual or group differences in response to specific market variables (e.g. preferences, lifestyles, media habits, etc.). If response differences exist, are identifiable, are reasonably stable over time, and if the segments can be efficiently reached, a company can increase its market share beyond that obtained by assuming total market homogeneity. Thus a company can make more efficient marketing decisions that will yield greater results.

At Beacon, our team can help you find market segments and then help you satisfy the needs of those sectors. We use a cornucopia of other tools to supplement our Segmentation Analysis and provide you with the most in-depth analysis available. When performing segmentation analysis, Beacon often utilizes MaxDiff and CHAID analyses.


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