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"Share of Voice" measures how a company is performing relative to its competitors and relative to all communication methods. Knowing the relative amount of exposure a marketer has developed within a defined market space over a period of time is key to understanding the effectiveness of overall marketing efforts in generating coverage and mindshare, and communicating brand attributes to the primary targets.


"Reach" measures the overall "noise level" in the market as well as how effective a specific brand is in reaching its target audience (net unduplicated reach). From the results, we can then determine the effectiveness of a company's marketing methods (see example right) in driving consideration or preference for a brand.

CHAID Analysis

In Share of Voice, Beacon uses CHAID analysis, also known as decision tree analysis, for segmentation and for isolating key attribute drivers. CHAID identifies groups of variables and the impact of each variable against target goals, such as website visitation or supplier recommendation.

Factor Analysis

Factor analysis is a technique used to analyze interdependence among groups of variables, such as brand attributes or communication techniques. It allows us to study and reduce a large set of data into smaller identifiable and distinctive subgroups or dimensions for further analysis. Beacon uses factor analysis in Share of Voice to identify the differing groupings of media consumed by market audiences.

Leverage Analysis

Leverage analysis, also known as key driver analysis, can be used to examine the effect of media exposure on brand preference, using regression analysis to derive or infer importance or persuasiveness. In Share of Voice, leverage analysis helps BTP determine strongly exposure to various media impacts overall brand consideration.

Awareness Growth Function

The awareness growth function (AGF) measures the efficiency with which brands in any market convert growing awareness into purchase consideration and preference. Each market has four awareness zones which are depicted by the AGF:

  • Threshold
  • Increasing return
  • Decreasing return
  • Saturation

A brand's position dictates differing tactics to building and maintaining its position relative to competing brands.

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