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"For technology markets, BTP has great experience and understands engineers and their needs; is a very cost effective research organization, are very easy and good to work with."
Managing Partner
Market Consulting
"Beacon Technology Partners is my secret weapon in marketing, product development and product positioning. I've worked with them on numerous occasions and at multiple companies. They have helped me to focus in on the questions and hypotheses that matter in my business. With Beacon, we are able to scientifically dissect and analyze markets, categories, competitors, buyers, value propositions, and behaviors – then turn the uncovered intelligence into actionable tactics. The result is that marketing work shifts from guess-work to substantiated decision-making, all for greater post-research performance. I highly recommend Beacon Technology Partners if you want the best people and processes in research to help you scientifically improve your business."
Head of Marketing
Content technology and Services Industry
"Beacon Technology Partners conducted a brand study for our company that provided us with tremendous insight into the minds of customers and prospects in key market segments. In the course of the project, Beacon was able to get up to speed on our business quickly, offer valuable insight on methodology that saved us time and money, and delivered an end product that included actionable analysis and key benchmarks against which we can measure progress in building awareness and preference for our products. We will use Beacon again and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any company that is serious about getting an unvarnished view of the marketplace."
"We've engaged with Beacon Technology Partners to undertake several research projects over the last 10 years and have always been happy with the attention to detail and general high standards of the service provided. Beacon understands the challenges of the semiconductor industry, the importance of brand, and are consummate researchers."
Director of Marketing
Semiconductor Industry
"We chose to work with Beacon Technologies LLC because we knew from past experience that we needed to work with a vendor that was a) proven and well-versed in the semiconductor industry and b) could not only collect data across several international markets but also could deliver credible analysis informed by industry expertise. Beacon helped us to craft a study that delivered very valuable data, and Beacon's analysis of that data now informs our marketing discussions and divisions across the company, including our executive staff. Beacon's support team made the study development, fielding and planning for future iterations fairly painless, and even better, we learned from each other every step of the way. The immediate result: Beacon Technology Partners has made it possible for us to establish a baseline for company-wide marketing effectiveness metrics and analytics. We value our partnership with the Beacon team immensely."
VP of Marketing
Semiconductor Industry
"Over the years Beacon Technology Partners has provided us with incredible insights (not just data) into our customer's minds. Every project has been completed on-time and at, or below, budget! Whether the need is quantitative or qualitative, when we need industry experts, Beacon Technologies is the first place I turn."
Director of Marketing
Semiconductor Industry