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How can you reach your marketplace most effectively?

Beacon's experts will create a targeted study according to the questions that you want answered. The sections below include examples of questions asked by our clients and the insights we provided to help them make sound business decisions.

What are the most effective ways to reach your customers and prospects?

CLIENT NEED To find out how media use habits differed around the world
BACKGROUND A large technology industry publisher wanted to examine global information-gathering behavior among technology professionals around the world, partly to ensure that its own strategies were in line with the preferences of its changing audience.

The survey carried out by Beacon Technology Partners included representation across several different regions, age groups, and management responsibilities. Media sources included print and e-newsletter readerships, website users, and web seminar and trade show attendance. The IT professionals who were interviewed were based in North America, Europe and Asia. For our research, we used the translation services of our trusted partner ABLE Innovations. Our tools included factor analysis.

HOW WE HELPED Media preference differs greatly around the world. Beacon's research also showed that print publications continue to be relied upon, particularly early in the buying cycle. Supplier sites often rival 3rd party publication sites for credibility and technical detail. Younger technology audiences, such as in India and China, are surprisingly open to media from multiple sources – online, print and events.

Are live in-person events of value to your customers?

CLIENT NEED To assess the place of live events in an information-rich marketplace
BACKGROUND An events company needed to determine if 3rd party in-person trade shows and conference continued to play a role in the information-gathering habits of technology audiences in light of interest in web-based virtual events, social networks, and user forums sponsored by specific companies.
BEACON'S RESEARCH Beacon surveyed and conducted focus groups with recent trade show attendees and non-attendees. We also used methods of analysis to optimize "ideal" event characteristics, and to segment these preferences into distinct groups of attendees. Our research methods included MaxDiff, segmentation, correspondence analysis and leverage analysis.
HOW WE HELPED Live in-person events still hold a powerful sway with many technologists – even in an online and virtual environment. In addition, there continues to be a need for 3rd party-sponsored conferences – for breadth of information and independence, for example - even with the acknowledged usefulness of company-specific events.

How wide is the adoption of Web 2.0 communications tactics – and how effective is it?

CLIENT NEED To find out how professional audiences used online communities
BACKGROUND An up-and-coming technology firm whose products tended to be used by more experienced IT managers needed to compare the use and effectiveness of traditional marketing media to social networks, forums, blogs, wikis and other web 2.0 approaches.
BEACON'S RESEARCH Beacon surveyed designers with personal involvement in purchasing or designing products with semiconductor components specific to power applications in NA, Europe and Asia. We used CHAID, share of voice analysis, leverage analysis and correspondence analysis research methods.
HOW WE HELPED Web 2.0 and social network is growing in popularity and influence. Many technologists are increasingly apt to rely on social networking as a means of (1) due diligence in major device selection (2) obtaining timely answers to the technical support questions that are more difficult to solve and (3) networking with other users. However, reliance on social network differs extensively by region (South Asian technologists are more adept) and age groups.

How should you design your email campaigns to target your audience most effectively?

CLIENT NEED To identify the most persuasive elements of an effective email marketing campaign in the client's industry
BACKGROUND A business application software supplier was designing its email campaign and wanted to ensure that the campaign would be successful.

Beacon convened an asynchronous or "bulletin board" focus group with fifteen senior IT managers from large companies around North America. The sessions extended over three days. Elements of the email (headline, sub-heading, illustration, tagline) were covered on the first day. Body copy plus a full profile conjoint study that compared the various visual and text elements were added on the second day, and the brand overlay was added on the third day.

HOW WE HELPED The company was able to use the results to design a successful email campaign that doubled the forecasted click-through results compared to other campaigns.

What content do website visitors look for when they come to your site?

CLIENT NEED To work out the best way of showcasing the client's many diverse products and services on its website
BACKGROUND A leading technology company needed to find a standard, uniform way of formatting information on its extensive portfolio of highly diversified products for a wide range of audiences.

Beacon conducted in-person focus groups to glean insights into labeling and organizing the myriad product classifications, then carried out in-depth interviews to compare various taxonomies and organization schemes.

HOW WE HELPED The research paved the way for a standard product page look and feel, and a radically reorganized home page and navigation bar implementation that reflected product classes based on audience use patterns. The site now routinely earns "best of breed" acknowledgements from competitors and from industry experts.

What's the relationship between your marketing spend and your ability to build on your presence in the marketplace?

CLIENT NEED To assess marketing methods that would reach the client's target customers most effectively
BACKGROUND Before making strategic brand decisions, a large semiconductor supplier needed to assess the overall effectiveness of its global marketing efforts.

Beacon conducted a worldwide brand analysis tracking study of engineers, supply chain experts, and corporate managers across a wide range of end application industries to answer key questions to assist the semiconductor supplier with making strategic brand decisions. Our research tools included correspondence analysis, leverage analysis, share of voice analysis and CHAID.

HOW WE HELPED The primary market research carried out by Beacon identified marked differences between technology markets in Europe, Asia and North America. The research showed that the client needed to focus on shoring up its reputation and position in Asia (other than China), specifically for certain application verticals such as consumer electronics. Careful consideration needed to be given to the weight devoted to each major media type, particularly print advertising. More also needed be done to increase brand association with particular product categories.

Which media would be the most effective for delivering your new messaging and positioning strategy?

CLIENT NEED To ascertain whether print was still a viable means of communicating core marketing messages to the client's target audience
BACKGROUND A B2B technology firm wanted to showcase its newfound potential as a technology innovator, but was unsure about which media to use and how to engage its audience effectively.

Beacon conducted a global survey of engineering staff and management involved in designing with the class of ICs produced by the technology firm. We then analyzed the survey statistics using share of voice, leverage analysis and correspondence analysis.

HOW WE HELPED From those respondents who were open to the idea of reconsidering the company's product line in this new light, Beacon found that print and live events were by far the most effective means for delivering this type of repositioning message.

How successful have your PR efforts been with industry analysts and journalists?

CLIENT NEED To find out how well known the client's brand was among those with influence in the industry
BACKGROUND An established technology company wanted to know where it stood among industry financial analysts, technical analysts and business journalists.

Traditionally hard-to-reach industry analysts and influencers, including journalists, were surveyed by Beacon using both phone and email data collection techniques.

HOW WE HELPED Beacon's research showed not only which firms were held in high esteem, but also gleaned insights into the best ways of sharing information with these key, but overly inundated, influencers.
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